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About CircuitMedic
CircuitMedic kits and materials meet the electronics industry's highest standards.
Designed, tested and built to comply with IPC specifications and guidelines.
Used for over 20 years by hundreds of major electronics manufacturers worldwide.
Every item thoroughly field tested by the most demanding circuit board repair depots.
Every item is backed with a 100% preformance guarantee.

CircuitMedic Micro-Drill: A Repair Technician's Dream
This versatile tool is ideal for milling, drilling, grinding, cutting and sanding circuit boards. Use it to remove coatings, cuts circuits, cuts leads, drills holes, and performs many other procedures using various interchangeable bits.

The Micro-Drill has a built in, high speed DC motor, eliminating the hassle of drive cables. A separate power supply keeps the Micro-Drill light-weight, allowing for precise control.

Order the 110-4105 Micro Drill System by June 30, 2016 for only $399, an $80 savings over the standard price.
Eliminate Heat Damage During BGA Rework
The CircuitMedic Heat Shield Kit includes all the tools and materials you need to protect heat sensitive areas of an assembled circuit board from excessive heat exposure during rework operations. During component rework, protection of nearby components is often mandatory to avoid collateral heat damage or inadvertent reflow.

Collateral heat damage or unintended reflow of adjacent component solder connections can result in component damage, oxidation, de-wetting, pad damage, wicking, starved joints and scorching. These issues can create new unintended rework problems.

The kit includes sheets of aluminized heat shielding material, aluminum plates, high temperature liquid mask, high temperature tape, scissors and a variety of tools.
Disposable, Inexpensive Micro Probes
CircuitMedic Micro Probes are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and are extremely sharp. Each Micro Probe features a plastic grip for easy handling. The probe tip is .006" (.15 mm) with a length of .50" (12.7 mm)

These inexpensive, disposable probes are ideal for dispensing small amounts of adhesive and for micro-positioning small objects. Micro Probes are available for purchase in packages of 5 or 100.

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